Ready. Plan. Action…

Am frantically trying to convince myself to start cycling to uni, but the snow/ice/frost/wind and generally brrrrr weather is pretty off-putting right now.  Also trying to organise time effectively as have hand-ins and exams on the horizon.  So far have made a plan (something along the lines of research, write up, revise), to be put into motion next week.

I’ve not really been up to much, but I did get to test my skills on a laproscopic simulator on monday which was amazing.  Really, really glad I took part.  Also just started reading Cancer Ward by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, which I would definitely recommend.  I wish I could read on the bus but it makes me feel queasy 🙁

On saturday I popped along to Edinburgh for a student conference on neurology and neuroscience (hosted by EUNS) which was quite interesting. I was probably the only first year student there but I enjoyed the guest lectures and it was good to get an idea about current research in the field.

Flat smells of burnt popcorn (not my fault)…

Kayleigh 🙂

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