• 4 February 2013, 03:42

So I’m not sure exactly what I have to update since my last post. Perhaps it is described most accurately in the advice my tutor gave me at me tutorial; “more of the same”.
Ok of course they give you better and more advice than just that (there was a lot more going on in that tutorial) but to be honest that is encouraging that I’m on the right track.

Hopefully I am also on the right track for all the rest of the work and deadlines. Currently we are working on….

  • Our main design project in Arbroath
  • Town planning analysis report
  • Technical drawing
  • CAD2 submission

I think that’s all? If you are one of my tutors and I’ve forgotten your submission, I’m sorry, it will be in my diary!

So the main project is pretty fun at the moment. It is fast paced but that’s to be expected. I was never overly keen on the site but I am enjoying trying to tie in my concept and create a suitable design. Definitely excellent practice for all the inevitable future times when I will get another site that I don’t have so much love for!

Town planning. Well I don’t know how much enthusiasm anyone has for that. There are so many lectures for it and the submission is very soon. I don’t doubt that it is useful for our course, and obviously we are all putting in a lot of effort for it, but I can’t say that I’ll be sad when it finishes!

Other lectures we have are history (though that is technically part of the town planning module), a materials lecture and a technology one. I am enjoying these. Especially the technology one as it is being a lot more technical than some of out others so far. It is also nicely placed, directly before the materials one as their subjects and terminology tend to tie in from week to week.

Cad and drawing… Not due for a wee while yet but I am starting off with the CAD one as I don’t want to stress and rush it at the last minute!

PS. ADAS are organising Valentine’s Day at the Union. Please come along! There are various architects, and all ADAS members selling tickets, as well as Premier and online being available to buy from!
It’s a pyjama party so why wouldn’t you come? 😀

pj party