The NeverEnding Work Week

  • 28 April 2013, 02:43

neverendingWell I certainly hope that readers are not too young to know of The NeverEnding Story (to which I reference above). It’s one of those properly awesome 80s films, full of craziness!

The point of all this is to illustrate that this week is crazily busy; we submit our portfolios on Wednesday. After Wednesday, I plan to sleep and spend time with people. Up until then, however my plans include work… and lots of coffee and noms to fuel it.

I will probably spend some time listening to The Enid, who I went to see in Glasgow the other week. Joe, the lead singer is incredible, and as a band they are awesomely talented and very exciting. I also very much enjoy that they have evolved and yet always stayed true to themselves over the years since they were founded in 1973. It is also really cool that the founder of the band, Robert Godfrey is still in it (on keyboards) and inspiring the younger members for the future. It was a great night and I recommend that you go to see them if you get a chance.

So now, I need to do some CAD-ing!
Good luck to everyone with whatever you’re working on.

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