Degree Show: Architecture and DJCAD

  • 25 May 2013, 01:26

Today, I went to look round the degree show properly, as it was a bit of a squeeze on the opening night, with so many people there! Here are some highlights from the architects, which I photographed mainly as inspiration for techniques that I could try in the future, rather than for the design necessarily.

Simon White, Year 3
Sam Yutao Song, Year 3
Sam Yutao Song, Year 3
Sam Yutao Song, Year 3
Hanna Steplewska, Year 3
Hanna Steplewska, Year 3
Sijia Zhang, Year 3
David Urquhart, Year 3
Zheng Wang, Year 4
Zheng Wang, Year 4
Dan Struthers, Year 4
Charlotte Torck, Year 4
Charlotte Torck, Year 4
Charlotte Torck, Year 4
Year 4: I am not sure of who this work belonged to but I am guessing it was William Hayward (apologies if this is incorrect)
Andrea Santoni, Year 4
Thomas Rainey, Year 5
Sean Kinnear, Year 5. This is ridiculously comfortable and Sean was also the winner of the DIA award.
Hilary Ennos, Year 5
Geoffrey Whelan, Year 5
Raymond Magee, Year 5
Raymond Magee, Year 5
Alasdair S McAlpine, Year 5


Architecture and the City, Group Work, Year 5
Architecture and the City, Train Station by Ally Hunter, Year 5
Architecture and the City, Group Work, Year 5

Following on from all that very inspirational work (and much more besides), I visited the DJCAD (Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design). Unfortunately, I was unable to take all the photos that I wanted to here as some rooms requested that no photos should be taken and I was even told in another that they would not like me to take pictures. I’m sorry about all the talented people I will therefore have to leave out of this post.

Rachael Deas, Lighting Design (click for website)

Rachael Deas’s lighting was really interesting and definitely something I hope to see more of in the future. Light always interests me, to be honest so this was quite exciting!

Zoe Davidson, Creative Prosthetics Designer and Maker (click for website)
Zoe Davidson, Creative Prosthetics Designer and Maker (click for website)
Zoe Davidson’s iconic “Jellyman”, Creative Prosthetics Designer and Maker (click for website)

I love Zoe Davidson’s variety in her show, and it is definitely worth visiting her site to see everything that she does. Each piece has beauty, intrigue and is eye-catching regardless of size.

Layla Cowan, Fine Art (click for website)

Layla Cowan has a lot of interesting work and this piece drew my attention the most. It has a very simple beauty that brings you to spend a lot of time watching it.

Cheryl Thomas, Fine Artist (click for website)

I enjoyed Cheryl Thomas’s dramatic images in her fine art show, and her website is interesting as well, to see more of how she works and more pieces. I found that each piece made me want to learn more, to look closer. There is a lot of beauty as well as depth here, in my opinion.

As I mentioned before, there were a number of artists and designers whose work I was unable to photograph, and I thought I would share a list of them, with relevant links here. I am very sorry that I have not been able to show everyone’s work that I enjoyed as I could not always find a business card, but I hope you like these guys!

Samantha Lain Key Designer/Maker – Samantha has some very delicate pieces (which is nearly always something I am drawn to) and incorporates some satisfying forms. Lovely!
Jamie Kunka – Incredible wooden skis. I just really really want a pair!
Kirsten Manzi Jewellery Design – I loved Kirsten’s work. I enjoyed the connections with architecture (that is maybe obvious given that I’m doing architecture!) and her sketchbooks were really interesting to look through as well.
Fay McGlashan Designer and Maker – Beautiful clean porcelain pieces with some interesting concepts.


I hope that anyone who did go to the degree show enjoyed it as much as I did, and anyone else, you have one day left to go or just have a look through everyone’s work on the DJCAD website. Unfortunately they do not include the architects on this page.

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