Holiday Time!

  • 13 June 2013, 02:19

I am not currently in Dundee. Why? I am on holiday, and therefore I am spending my time in London, to see the boyfriend.

We have just returned from Crete (the same place that we went to last year) which was awesome as well as my first time (excluding cruises) of staying with an all inclusive deal. Oh my goodness it was amazing! Meals that you don’t have to pay for… Cocktails, Baileys, wine, ice cream, snacks in the middle of the day that were included in the package! There was more but those, I think, are the highlights!

We hired a car for three days of the holiday. As we were there last year, we wanted to spend some time exploring further afield than the little town of Elounda, and Plaka, to which we cycled last year. This proved to be a complete success as we drove up to the Lasithi Plateau which brought beautiful views once there as well as en route. I would definitely recommend visiting it, if you are ever staying in eastern Crete. I would also recommend that you try to go up in the morning, as we did, so as to avoid the frequent buses (and sometimes trains) of tourists. Unless of course, you wish to be on the tourist bus! We were told that the trip would take about half a day, but in actual fact, it really only took a couple of hours, but that is because we didn’t stop often, and we didn’t have lunch up there. I can see how, with a little more indulgence in each little town and view; perhaps stopping for photos more often and having drinks and food at some cafes, the trip could easily stretch out over the day.
The journey home was easily the low point of the trip. Not because I was sad to leave (though of course I was) but more because the plane was freezing which meant that I couldn’t sleep, as well as the seats being ridiculously uncomfortable. Once we arrived in Gatwick, there were no trains back to the centre of town for about 2 hours and the buses would have cost us £25 each! Ridiculous eh? So we sat in Costa, trying to stay awake. When we finally got into town, we couldn’t even get home as the tubes weren’t running for another half hour! So by the time I got to bed, it was half seven in the morning! Needless to say, the next day was a little confused!

Now that I am back in the UK, it is time to crack on with our holiday homework and reading, as well as generally getting some more practice drawing. I also have some plans to see some of the museums around London that I haven’t had much opportunity to see so far.

Have a good summer, everyone!

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