For those of you deciding what to do with your lives…

  • 19 July 2013, 12:55

It is the middle of the Summer. My oh my it is a lovely one is it not?!

So I imagine that most people out there (who’ve just finished high school) will have already made their decisions for what they’re going to do with at least the next year. I hope that you all managed to get what you wanted and if not, that you will enjoy the consequences and learn from all the new experiences that you will have, whatever you do. Perhaps some people still haven’t decided, fair enough, you have a lot of time.
When I left school, I went to do a dance course at college, something that I thought I wanted to do for the rest of my life. The next year, I went back to college to do some more qualifications and was a little unsure at that point of what I wanted to do.
So the next year I got back into doing more artistic things by taking a portfolio course, which consequently helped me to get into Dundee to do Architecture. And more importantly, that course helped me to decide and confirm that architecture is what I wanted to do, having never even considered it before.
I am writing this because I want to encourage anybody who maybe hasn’t got to do exactly what they want or aren’t yet sure what they want to pursue.
It is definitely worth it to wait to find what you really want to do, rather than following a path you aren’t sure of for the long term, even if that’s all that you want now. Don’t give up hope.

Good luck to everybody.

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