Summer Reading

  • 6 August 2013, 12:15

I thought I’d give some advice to any soon to be architecture students.
I am sure that you will be given a list of books from your uni, and it is a really good idea to have a look at at least a couple of these before you start your course.

I found that it is also helpful to read magazines, blogs and any other books and information you can find so that you are more in the know about what is happening in the world of architecture at the moment.

So I will now recommend some sites and possibly some books which I both enjoy reading and have assisted me in my course in any way.

Firstly, Dezeen.
This site is awesome. It is basically an online magazine to which you can subscribe, like on facebook, follow on twitter, pinterest, linkedin, tumblr and/or google+. I personally follow them on most of those, and all of the networks that I use frequently as their updates are always interesting and I like to keep up to date with it all.
This is probably my favourite site. You can find information about nearly anything (architecture related) on it! They change their themes of what they are looking at each week, for example, this week they have collated worship buildings.
They have up to date news, competitions and they talk about more than just architecture; with sections about interiors and design as well as architecture.
They go into a good amount of detail for each project that they cover.
I dream of one day contributing to their site.

Stair Porn is one of my personal favourites, and fuelled my obsession with stairs. It doesn’t have very much information, further than basics (if known) about each staircase, but I find it inspirational, and I think it is always a good thing to get excited about circulation because it is so easy to take it for granted.

When you start uni, you will probably quickly find Arch Daily. This is the site that everyone uses for precedents and inspiration. This is a great site for discovering and finding out more about architects and specific buildings. Like them on facebook, follow on twitter or instagram, and if you have an ipad, they also have an ipad app.

There are some great personal blogs by architects, which are actually the same as I have mentioned before in my post, “Preparing for Architecture”. These are a great insight into the lives of professional architects and help us to prepare for what is to come!

When you get into site analysis for your designs, you will find that this site or an equivalent is ridiculously helpful for working out sun positions etc.

I also highly recommend that if there’s an aspect of architecture that interests you, be it bridges, ancient Greek, residential, restorations or anything, look it up now! There will be a lot covered in your course, and so if there’s something specific that interests you, you may not be able to find time enough to read into it as much as you want outside of all the other things you are learning for the course! For me, I am particularly interested in how architecture and space affects people psychologically and so I have been looking into studies and papers, particularly for the elderly and mentally less stable. I am also interested in how architecture can become a positive influence in hospitals, care homes etc. This is not something that has been covered in my course so far and so it is up to me to research it in my spare time.

Thanks, and good luck getting a head start on Uni!

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