Namaste or Hello! I’m Hans and I’m from India. Okay… Before you start to wonder, ‘Hmm it’s strange for an Indian guy to have a German name’, let me tell you folks, my full name is Hanshuman Jeet Tuteja and my friends (here, of course) find it pretty difficult to pronounce it correctly… or even remember it! But hey, try pronouncing it and you might be right.

I’ve recently completed my undergraduate degree in Interior Architecture from North-east England (Yes that means I’ve been in the UK for the past three years). And now been accepted to University of Dundee for MDes in Design for services starting September… Yay!! Never been to Dundee, or even Scotland before so this will be interesting. But it’s not long until I will get to visit the university for the first time. I will be joining the class of 2013 (the same course I will be taking) with their end of the year show on 16th of August, which is tomorrow. I am pretty excited to see the hard work they have done in the past year and also get some inspiration, ideas and to see Dundee for the first time.

I am passionate about photography as a hobby and I like to walk around taking pictures of whatever catches my eye. For which I have a photography page, and if you want you can follow me or as they say “like” my page on the link below. Of course I will be sharing a lot of pictures here with you folks as well. Apart from that, I play keyboard in my spare time. I like or i should say prefer to be around friends or just people. I’m social awkward. I’m weird and hopefully will have a lot of stories to share with you all.

Follow me for new experiences, friends, night-outs and everything within and around Dundee! 🙂

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I am a Master's student at University of Dundee graduating in August 2014. I am originally from India and this is my first time in Scotland although I have lived in England for the past three years. I love Photography and I enjoy meeting people from different culture and background.