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I’m Mattie and I’m starting my MA geography degree in three weeks. I love going to new places and pushing myself to the limit, which is why I’m moving my whole life right to the OTHER SIDE



of Dundee, to stay in the halls of residence.

I obviously could have stayed at home, living a short bus journey away from the university, but I think that being forced to make new friends all the time everywhere and live with strangers and share kitchen utensils with, and possibly eat meals made by, said strangers is the best way to worsen my social anxiety and drive me into a dreadful depression.

In all seriousness though I’m super excited. Soon the facebook profiles I’ve had brief liaisons with are going to materialise into actual people who I’m sharing a flat with and we’ll have to speak in real life! Then it will hit me how new everything is and how I’ll have to adapt completely to the student life I’ve signed myself up for. Hopefully I won’t panic for too long and I’ll actually be able to enjoy it. 

I still don’t know whether to get this elusive VIP/Freshers pass either, which gives you discounts in the Union. It’s been sold as giving you a saving of £600 or something, but I don’t know how realistic it is of me to expect that I’d be going there four times a week. Also, unless you bond with people by elbowing them in the face while wildy throwing your arms about during a song you actually recognise, I don’t understand how you can make friends without being able to hear a word they’re saying. Maybe that’s just my old fashioned, warped idea of making friends.

These adult decisions are pretty hard to make.

Maybe if I’m guaranteed a play of Waterloo or Mamma Mia or something equally fabulous (I will accept remixes) some nights then the pass will undoubtedly be worth the money.


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