Testing, Testing, 1, 2…

Hi everybody 🙂

Well I thought I’d give this a try and get started on my new past-time as University of Dundee student blogger.

Now that I’ve started I have a case of writer’s block. Hmm. I guess I’ll tell you a little bit about myself, starting with the basics:
My name is Ellis and I’m going to be studying Child Nursing come September. I’m a little bit older than your average first year (23) but I’m coming from a background of education and childcare, I’ve got bucketloads of experience of working with kids so hey it’ll set me in good stead for my nursing degree. Hopefully? Haha.
Yeah so it’s officially two weeks today until I move into my digs for the year and words can’t describe how excited I am! No sign of nerves just yet but let’s give it a week. My hometown is tiny and 140 miles away from Dundee so I’m looking forward to the culture shock.

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