Anybody else hates packing?

I do! Doesn’t matter if I’m travelling to another country on a holiday or just to the other end of the country, I don’t like packing. Probably because I’m not sure on what to take or even how to pack. I wish I had one of those powers where you swing a wand or just click and everything packs itself. How cool would that be?! 😀

Since I have experienced both moving from India to UK and also within the UK, I will try and write a bit about both. If I’m forgetting something, please feel free to ask at the bottom.

Moving from India to UK was relatively straight and easy than moving within the UK. All I had was two large suitcases with me and a hand bag. Mostly warm clothing, day-to-day necessary stuff and traditional kitchen equipment (if you’re fussy about what you wanna use in the kitchen) but you will find most of the things here as well. I also brought a lot of spices for cooking from my mum.

When I travelled in 2010, I was allowed two suitcases because there was some offer for students flying to Britain for the first time with British Airways. So make sure to check that with you’re airline if they have any student offers. Also it will save you time at the airport if you’re baggage is not over weight because then they ask you to remove some stuff or charge you extra for over weight baggage(£40 per extra bag or if overweight).

I landed at London Heathrow and since I had been to London before i knew how to use the underground or the bus network. is a very useful site if you’re new to London and it’s no rocket science. Just put in your details on the journey planner on the website and it will calculate the route, price, time etc for you. From London or any other destination, it’s pretty easy to travel to anywhere in the UK. Buses (or Coach as they say here) are relatively cheaper than trains but it obviously takes longer to travel with them. National Express and Megabus are the two leading coach companies which has connections pretty much everywhere within the UK. And for trains National Rail and Train line are two useful websites. Pretty much every service/brand in the UK has student discounts/offers or an annual discount card(charges may apply), so don’t hesitate to ask for a students offer. It will save you a lot of money.

Moving within the UK is stressing me out because I have a lot of things collected in these three years to move. I know a lot of local student’s family/friends will help them move by a car/van etc but for the ones who are solely moving everything by themselves (like me *sob*sob*) here is something you can go for- A very useful site, is free to use and gives you access to a lot of moving and courier companies who are making the journey anyways and have space in their vehicle. After you put your quote up, you will get a lot of bidding and on the basis of how cheap/trustworthy(feedback ratings) the bid/bidder is, you can accept the offer and start your packing. It is cheaper and environmental friendly because then you don’t have to book a van especially for your stuff and it’s kinda like a van sharing. My quote is up right now and I’m planning to move by the end of this week or first thing next week. So let’s see if I have a good experience with the company or not.

The university also offers a airport meeting service and if you’re travelling from Edinburgh, Glasgow & Prestwick airports, you can book a transport by yourself or with a group of other students arriving at the same time. Of course it will be cheaper if you’re in a group and can travel together. More information on this is on the welcome page here.

Another thing I wanted to know before hand was places of worship in Dundee. Well… if you’re in the same shoes then don’t worry because the university website has a page for this and depending on your belief, you can find the address and contact details here.

I hope this post was useful for you all. If not, please comment your questions below and I will try and answer it correctly.

Good luck with moving and Bon Voyage! 🙂

P.S- If you’re travelling from Newcastle, London or anywhere from the south by train, be prepared to be welcomed with these views… 🙂

View from my seat
View from my seat
Arriving in Dundee
Arriving in Dundee
The Tay Rail Bridge
The Tay Rail Bridge
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