It’s all Seeming so Real…

Hi guys, Ellis here again 🙂


Has it really been a week since my last post? Wow that feels like the shortest space of time ever, it’s completely flown in. Here’s hoping the next week will be just as quick because my move-in date is now one week today! I am so excited. I have a lot of things to pack in to that week though, a leaving do with all my friends who I’ll miss like mad, as well as finishing my packing (many thanks to Ivana for the packing guide – although I have to admit I’ve been procrastinating a bit. Uh oh!) and trying to iron out the fine details of my job transfer.


I also have to write all of the relevant dates into my diary as I just got my matriculation information through the other day there. All of the names of the places that I have to be are starting to make my head spin a little, but luckily for me I have friends who know the city pretty well (they’d better get ready for panicked phonecalls, “I have to be there in 10 minutes! How do I get there?! Help!”)
I’m sure I’ll be able to find my way around sooner rather than later though, especially since I’m having to travel via bus to my work. I’ll be a pro in no time 😉 I’ll just pretend I know what I’m doing until then I think. One tip my friend did give me though was to make sure I have the exact money for my ticket when boarding a city bus, because apparently they don’t give you change.


I can’t wait to get moved in and jump into starting my job and my course – and meeting the flatmates of course, I wonder what they’ll be like? Hmm…

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