• 23 August 2013, 07:58

Hi everybody!

I wanted to do a quick post to say welcome to all the new students at Dundee, and especially to all the new bloggers
I am excited to read your posts and good luck with your first year at Dundee Uni!

I do recommend that everyone starting (and even people who’ve been here for a good while) go to the Freshers’ Fair¬†during Freshers’ week as there is always a lot to see; free stuff, info on societies and places to go around Dundee, and sometimes they have free pizza.

And to all my fellow second years out there, good luck for the step up to the next level!

Perhaps I need to reintroduce myself. My name’s Rosalind and I am studying Architecture. I am about to go into second year and I have already been blogging for a year.

This summer, I spent mostly in London with my boyfriend (who works there) though I did go to Crete for a week, and to visit my aunt for another week, near Bristol. Now I am home and getting ready for the new term and all the various parties and flatwarmings which come with this time of year! In particular, I am very much looking forward to a Great Gatsby themed flatwarming at a coursemate’s. I have my outfit all planned, and I will be sure to post a picture on here when I have dressed up in it properly!

To all new students, please ask me if there’s anything you’d like to know, and if not, just have a great time here!

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