Hi from Dundee :)

Good evening and hello from Dundee, the city which is going to be my adopted home for the next 3 years! 🙂


Well that’s me moved in officially now, after a few teary goodbyes I am the first person in my flat that houses 4 people. I have to say I underestimated how warm it would be in here all living on top of each other, I’ve had all of the windows thrown open all day and I’m still roasting at 9 o’clock at night. That will be a blessing come the winter nights I’m telling you!


I also went a walk around the University campus to try and familiarise myself with its layout, wow it’s a big place (said with true townie pizzazz) – I had to look at the map that came with my Fresher’s pack a couple of times to get my bearings again. I’m sure it won’t take long for me to get used to it though, plus I now know exactly where I’m going for induction week which is a bonus.
During my wander I went a little way out of the campus (not too far, mind, I didn’t want to get lost) and it struck me how close everything is to where I’m living. Supermarkets, restaurants, shops and takeaways are all really convenient. This could go either of two ways – be really helpful or really disastrous. Goodbye wages! Seriously though, lots of things to do and see in Dundee, it’ll be fun to get stuck into 🙂


It’s sort of lonely rattling around a flat on my own. Hoping my flatmates move in tomorrow so I won’t have to rely on my radio for company (I won’t start quoting Radio Ga Ga don’t worry), can’t wait to meet them. I’m betting I’ll be the oldest one, but hopefully we won’t be too far apart personality wise. Excitement! 😀



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