A Small Fish in a Very Very BIg Pond…

Well that’s me been here for 3 days, and I’m getting settled into student life quite well. I’ve met my flatmates and I’ve started my job – I’m getting on great. One of my biggest issues has been homesickness if I’m being completely honest with you, who knew 140 miles from home could feel so far away? Luckily I know that my family and friends are all just at the end of the phone, plus with flatmates around most of the time now I’ve almost always got someone to talk to. I find that the best thing to do is keep busy so I’ve been super-productive and unpacked everything and put my suitcases away tidily (ask anyone who knows me, I am not usually a tidy person). I’ve been for umpteen walks around campus and around the city centre, trying to get my bearings and I have to say it’s working and I’m starting to feel at home. I was even showing my flatmates how to get to Caird Hall this morning! Wonders never cease, me giving someone directions? Haha.

It was the official President’s Welcome this morning at Caird Hall, the building is beautiful and really ornate and huge – you should have seen the amount of people that fitted in – and I started to feel like a small fish in a very very big pond (hence the title of this post, unsurprisingly enough). Everybody from a small town like I am probably felt like that though, so it’s not so bad. At least we’re all in the same boat.

I’m so looking forward to tonight, now that I have my student ID and am officially matriculated I am off to The Union to see Nina Nesbitt – let the fun begin! 🙂



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