The city of “Jute, Jam and Journalism”

Quarter past nine in the morning, totally hungover, I dragged myself out of the bed thinking it was a bad idea to go out last night especially when we have Principal’s welcome speech the next morning. Not being able to function properly, I forced myself to get ready and was there fifteen minutes late. To my surprise I wasn’t the only late one, there were some other students (probably hungover as me) waiting outside the hall ashamed of walking in… not good!

Just like most of the people, I was a bit nervous before moving to Dundee but this week went by so fast and i’ve met so many nice people that it doesn’t seems as scary anymore. I hope everybody else has settled in well and didn’t have much problems moving in.

I’m sharing a house with two students from Germany and one from Russia, they are postgraduates as well which is nice. Two of them have been in Dundee for quite a long time now so I had a very special town and university tour with them. The highlight of my house is, we have two potty-trained bunnies! They like to stop by my room in the early hours sometimes in search of food or just to say hello… 🙂

Apart from meeting my new housemates and getting familiar with the campus and the city, I’ve been to the early arrivals meeting at the cafe on top floor of the tower building. Met so many people from different countries and courses. I don’t know if they have more of these meetings but they definitely have coffee/tea meetings throughout the fresher’s week where you can meet new people. I hope you have the two week time table already, if not get one now and you’ll know whats going on and around the campus. You will also find a lot of leaflets or brochures about things going on around the campus in pretty much every Uni building’s reception. Or just pop into the info hub outside DUSA.

On friday, some of the people i met through early arrival meeting decided to walk to the Law. Not a very long walk but was fun with friends and a 360 degree view of Dundee from the top. Later we decided to visit the McManus museum in the town. It’s good if you want to know a bit history about the city and also the exhibitions keep on changing from time-to-time (Just like with any other gallery). Apart from this there are other museums/galleries to visit- Not all of them have free entry so you’ll have to check. I have also been to the RRS Discovery point. It’s a museum about the RSS Discovery ship made in Dundee which went to a voyage through Antarctica and it’s other adventures. Very interesting if you’re into history and totally worth the money.

Collage of our walk to the Law

RSS Discovery ship from the deck
RSS Discovery ship from the deck
RSS Discovery ship
RSS Discovery ship

Another interesting thing we did was to walk across the Tay road bridge to Newport-On-Tay. We never thought it would take us soooo long to reach the other end. Probably because it looks easy from here but when you’re on the bridge it’s a bit windy, which made our walk a bit slower but reaching the other side was fun. If you like country sides then you’ll love it. There are a few small take aways, cafes and pubs but not all of them were open when we went there on a sunday.

Walk to Newport-on-Tay
Walk to Newport-on-Tay

Something for my international buddies- In UK it is totally normal to have your passport with you when you’re going out/clubbing. I know you must be thinking, “this is ridiculous!”, but they need to make sure that you’re not under age. Obviously you can take another form of ID to prove your age but it should be acceptable in UK. So, please don’t get offended if they don’t let you in just because you can’t prove your age, they’re doing their job… 🙂

Oh! And moving my stuff from England to Scotland wasn’t as bad. Anyvan (The moving company i chose) had a very prompt, fast service and good communication. Anyways… I hope everyone had a good weekend and good start to this week… 🙂

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    1. Sounds like you’ve done a lot since you got here! The bridge is maybe more fun to cycle across as it’s faster, so you can go a bit further and explore Fife more.

      You should be able to just use your student card as ID when you matriculate, though some places outside the union might not take it.

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