One week’s done

Hello everyone,

I hope you all have a fine week behind you, met all of those nice people, course mates you expected and that those who lives in the halls found unison with their flat mates and get along very well with them. I think the events organized and held by DUSA or by the University’s staff helped to overcome the initial fear that has not let us to go to the others and say something. I personally enjoyed my first week at the University.

We played some games on the induction day with which we had the opportunity to introduce ourselves to each other, I found out nearly everything I wanted about the start of the lectures, buildings in which they will be held, we have got timetables (I got completely confused the first time when I saw it but after some consultation with the others we finally deciphered how it works :D).

This week flew by very quickly, so fortunately I have not had time to be nervous, just as I have been before. The environment in and around the University could not be friendlier.

About the Principal’s Welcome Talk: I liked the way how the whole occasion was organized. Does someone know where I could watch the video that recorded the entire event (if there is one)? I am not sure but I have seen a camera place above the stage. I am interested in the songs played while everybody found their place. I would appreciate if someone could help me out with this. 🙂

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