Aaaaaand We’re Off…

Hi again everybody, and I hope you have had as great a Fresher’s week as I have 🙂

It’s been crazy and busy and hectic and I’ve barely sat still long enough to think never mind write about it. I honestly can’t remember everything that’s happened – don’t take that the wrong way it’s not how it sounds – it’s just that so much has been going on.

Living away from home has forced me to learn to be pretty much self-sufficient, I’ve forced myself to learn to do some proper cooking and as it turns out, I’m not too shabby at it (even if I do say so myself – but ask my flatmate, three meals down and not poisoned. Result!) Plus I actually kind of enjoy it, and I’m eating relatively healthily apart from our pilgrimage to the 24 hour bakery… and that delivery from the pizza chain (am I allowed to say which one?) at 1 o’clock this morning. Oops. By the way how much of a hike up that hill is that bakery? So worth it though.

Anyway, moving on. I’ve joined the ISE gym! Folk at home if you’re following this blog, I’m not even joking. I have a gym membership. Me. That’s the truth. Need to work off the pizza somehow don’t I? Their facilities are amazing and they’ve got umpteen great classes which my gym buddies and I (that same flatmate that I’ve managed not to poison and my other fellow nursing student flatmate) are looking forward to trying out. What’s even better is because we’re enrolled at DundeeUniversity, their rates are really reduced and even us poor students can afford it. I can honestly see me getting seriously into this gym malarkey.

I’ve been in working some too, earning my pennies at a (not so local) supermarket – I say not so local because I need to get buses there and back, this will be fun in the dead of winter when it’s cold, wet, icy and windy. NOT. But hey, It’s given me the chance to get to know some people outside of university and halls, people who know the area and the city because let’s face it, the people I have met in halls are just like me in that they aren’t all that familiar with the city and they aren’t really representative of it. My colleagues were teaching me some Dundee words the other night there, I’ll be speaking like a native Dundonian in no time ken what I mean eh?*

Last but by no means least, I have started classes!!! Yes!! I’m so excited. Lectures are a huge event compared to what I’m used to, and by huge I mean class size-wise, wow there are a lot of nurses in the September 13 intake. The lecturers are pretty impressive, I’d be so intimidated by teaching that amount of people and I’m used to public speaking… For those of you who don’t know, I am coming from a background in teaching.

Anyway, I have to go now because my brother and my dad are coming to visit me. Yay familiar people!

Have a nice day 🙂





* The folk at work gave me permission to do that by the way, it sounds dead strange in my southern accent.


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