I woke up yesterday feeling peachy keen and ready for my first lectures, laughing off the mere idea of the so-called ‘freshers flu’. I felt fine, and so should everyone else! At the welcome lunch we had during freshers week we were assured by the Vice president of DUSA that we’d get it, but I’m not as weak as to succumb to over a week of constant drinking, I thought.

As you can guess by the set up of this post, I got it today. I couldn’t sleep at all last night because of a blocked nose, and woke up today shivering with a sore head, throat and  said blocked nose still going strong. I felt more awful this morning than I do now, thanks to this marvellous effervescent paracetamol powder, but I’m still counting on sleeping before French this afternoon.

I like to think this snivelling and being too cold was worth it; Freshers was pretty amazing. I’m not going to say “of what I can remember!!!!!!!”  because I was quite cautious of getting too drunk and making a fool of myself on the first week, but it was loads of fun. Especially Scott Mills, that was soooooo fun. I could actually feel the condensing perspiration of all the tightly packed bodies jumpin’ and jivin’ to the not-so-awful music. Shout out to the jagerbombs I had beforehand.

I also signed up for a load of societies, both sporting and non-sporting, which all kick off this week, in an attempt to venture out my flat without the intention of heading to Mono or Floor 5.

Apart from that, I get along with my flatmates and we’ve all met most people in our block too, who are very nice. I can even remember some of their names.

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