Wish I had more time…

Hi people of Dundee! 🙂

I got quite exhausted, I am sitting in front of my notebook, trying to figure out what to write whilst realizing that another week went by in an instant. My mental power is restricted at this point of the week, though I still want to manage to learn this night. It has been a busy week, and I think I should say that it is not as simple as I first thought to get into the habit of this fast-moving life. I have plenty of time to adapt, yet I feel there is almost none. Where is it all gone? I am not sure if I could think back what I was doing during a particular hour in this week (except the ones spent in the lecture theatres). I guess we agree that those coming four months which we (most of us) have got until the end of the first semester is going to fly by quickly, and on another day I can write about the exams, and again, about the fleeting and unstoppable time.

But for now, a weekend has come to help me (and probably for many of you) in the task of regenerating and refreshing my mind, and additionally to fill it with piles of concepts and rules of accounting. 😀 Honestly, I really enjoy what I learn, what I can learn on this course. I did not think that it is this important to study what I like, what I prefer. Now I am more than certain about the importance of it.

I cannot stress enough how much I love to be here.

I noticed that all of my fellow blogger started their course, wish you a nice time with it. I hope you all feel fine here!

Have a nice weekend to everyone!

P.S.: Thank for the new blog design!

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    1. Natasha Hadfield

      It’s pretty overwhelming, isn’it! My first week flew by too, I don’t know where the time went. Glad you’re enjoying your course so far, loving what you’re learning is definitely important.

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