Time is a fickle friend

  • 17 September 2013, 01:58

I’ve been planning on writing this post since Saturday, alas I failed. I’m really starting to hate myself for putting it off for so long, so I’m not going to bed until I finish it!


As I said before classes are well underway and I have to say (regardless of how geekish I’ll sound) I love every single one of them. They’re very different to what I was used to in Croatia, but different in a good way. The staff is really friendly and helpful which means a lot. I won’t post my timetable because it is not the same every week, but I’ll say that on average I have 9 lectures and 2 tutorials a week. I’ve also been stocking up on textbooks, which are absolutely amazing by the way, I feel like they’ve been written with intent of teaching you something rather than to show off author’s vocabulary, unlike so many Croatian textbooks. All in all I’m loving it so far.


It’s been a strange week though, I had a cold. I will not speculate whether it’s the mysterious freshers’ cold everyone’s been talking about, it doesn’t matter really.  All it matters is that I had a nasty cold that made me sleep through entire weekend, well minus the hours I’ve spent at the library. On top of that the battery in my watch died, that confused me even more (more than the fever did). Let’s just say I might’ve stayed in the library until 1 am thinking it was 10:30. On the bright side one dead battery forced me to finally walk into city centre to get a new one. Yep, I’ve been in Dundee for over two weeks now and the first time I went to town was this Saturday to get a new battery for my watch. Well, I’ve been to Overgate before but only because Primark doesn’t deliver!


I was really tired after classes today (I think I still might have that cold) so when my flatmates asked if I wanted to come along and see a play with them I wasn’t really sure if I was capable of sitting through a play. In the end I decided to go. I’m really glad I did because the play was really good. The play we saw is called Victoria and it was a really good mixture of funny and unexpected. Sadly, I don’t think my tired brain managed to grasp the depth of it. It was definitely worth staying up for. After the play we ended the evening in our usual geekish manner, drinking jugs of tea and discussing Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Game of Thrones; and of course staying up way past our bedtime!

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