Paper Towers

  • 20 September 2013, 12:58

Our first week of uni (or what most people call Fresher’s week!) consisted of a project/competition to create the tallest tower out of 100 sheets of A4 and PVA glue and nothing more.

It was very interesting to see the results as everyone’s attempts were very different.

As we were working in pairs, I worked with one of my friends who lives quite close to me, which is good. We based our structure around cylinders and triangulation. We had a tall enough tower by the Friday night, but foolishly decided to cut it down in the hope of improving the structure as it had started to topple. So then, I had to work over Saturday and Sunday to make something that would mean we wouldn’t be the worst. Thankfully, we weren’t the shortest, which was a relief as most people had spent much longer than just a weekend working on their models!

The Saturday was also a very exciting day! Why? It was a flat-warming for 2 of my course mates, who also happen to be some of my good friends.

They had a “Great Gatsby” themed party, and we went to town for dressing up!

Here’s an image of me in my get up!


It was a great night and I hope we will get many more opportunities to dress up to that extent!

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