The West House

  • 22 September 2013, 10:47

I have now visited The West House twice. This is pretty disgraceful given how long it has been open and how long I’ve lived in Dundee. Anyway, I thought I’d write a quick review of it.

Today, I had the duo of Salmon followed by a Greek salad main course. The salmon was delicious. The citrus complimented the fish well, and it’s a combination that I’ve never tried, but would now like to try at home. The main of Greek salad was also good. There was maybe a little bit too much for me, though it would have been fine if I hadn’t had a starter. I would also say it was a little dry; I could have done with a little more oil and maybe some balsamic vinegar. The presentation was very impressive. When you order a salad as a main course, you don’t expect it to look very exciting (after all, how much can really be done with a bowl of lettuce?), but they made it look very tasty, with the feta cheese crumbled over the top, and cucumber and tomato around the outside.   The first time I visited, we had pizza. It was delicious. I would definitely recommend that! Plus on Sundays, you get 2 for 1 of pizza and pasta dishes all day!

Pizza!They have a variety of artisan-style pizzas, with thin but soft and delicious bases and interesting topping combinations. I couldn’t fault them from my experience.

The West House also serve a nice selection of drinks and cocktails. Cocktails are reasonably priced from £5-£6.25/glass. I tried a Pear and Raspberry Daiquiri which was very good! They also sell coffees for £1 until midday to sit in and all day to take away! I haven’t yet tried their coffee but I intend to, especially since I saw them post a picture of a vanilla mocha on their facebook page.

As far as atmosphere goes, it is good. The decor is not quite to my taste, as it has a hint of hipster-ness with the collage of images below the bar, and white painted interiors. However, I feel like they have given more thought to it than the average ‘hipster-cafe’ as it feels airy and spacious rather than sparse. During the day, it isn’t too full, and you can enjoy a relaxed lunch there. The evenings tend to get booked up, so book in advance! And then after teatime, it gets very busy and fills up with people who come for drinks.

The service is good. The staff are very friendly and not intrusive or under-attentive.

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