Dundee Student Travels Back in Time: Meets Younger Self

  • 25 September 2013, 09:08

Ok. I’m not literally travelling back in time. Physics students and Dr Who-vians can relax. Schrodinger’s Cat is still in its box and I have yet to meet a six-foot bunny named Frank (Donnie Darko anyone?).
(This may all change in fresher’s week…!!)
Who I am, is a grown man that has decided to head back to Uni after years of procrastination. Affectionately known as a mature student, I’m part of the 29%.
Next week, I will be surrounded by people half my age with, hopefully, as much enthusiasm as myself in regards to the immediate (and distant) future.
My grey hair and wrinkles might stick out like a salad in Jimmy Cheung’s. I might decide to spend more time in the library than in the pub. So what?
I’m back to where I could have been, all those years ago, had different decisions been made. I may have lost a few of my lives (re-generations?) along the way, but I’m here now. Anxious, nervous, and excited.
I’ve got my Herschel packed. My iPad is charged and loaded with essential apps. My alarm clock is prepped and I have more pens than pockets.
Let the adventure begin!!

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Mature undergrad studying History with Geography. Originally from Dundee, but have spent most of my life living in other countries. Love reading and writing, am a total sci-fi geek and comic book fan, and an amateur film buff that loves all genres of cinema. Trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle, but it's a work in progress...old habits die hard!

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    2 Responses to “Dundee Student Travels Back in Time: Meets Younger Self”

    1. Nicky Morland

      Good for you. Enjoying reading the blogs and in particular looking forward to hearing how it goes for you.
      I was at Univ in Dundee very early in its University existence, started in 1968 and one of the second year of Dundee graduates in July 1972. Still learning, signed up last week for FutureLearn courses.

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