Things I would like to blame for my absence

Ceilidh dancing, Pitlochry Highland games, a lot of pot luck, workshops in Edinburgh and Glasgow, 9-5 lectures and AcroYoga- I would blame all these things for my absence from the blog… Apologies! 😀

Orientation week started off good with meeting my new tutors, course mates and people from around the campus. Surprisingly I haven’t been going out as much as I had expected but instead been to a lot of pre-drinks and some society/club meetings. Chats over coffee/tea or a “pint” (as they say in UK) has been the best way to get to know people so far- I guess these are the signs of being a postgraduate student?

The last few weeks has been so busy for me and there is so much to learn and to do that i’m pretty much exhausted every night when I go to bed. A lot of lectures/appointments means being more organised and punctual and I can say that I’ve managed that well so far. For readers looking for something to keep themselves organised, I would suggest Evernote, a software which basically keeps you organised and helps you remember things. You can download it on your mac/pc/tabs/smart-phones and synchronise it with all devices. I’ve found it pretty useful so far.

Enough of boring stuff! Has anyone ever heard of Acro-Yoga? It’s kind of a combination of Acrobatics and Yoga. It’s a bit scary when you do it for the first time but is a lot fun when you get it right. One of my friend from Denmark taught us and we are trying to do it on regular basis with a group of other friends. Basically, there is a Base and a Flyer- Person lying on the ground (Base) uses his/her feet (mainly on the hips of the flyer) and hands (with the hands of flyer) to balance a person on top of them (The Flyer). And with them together, you can do different positions and try to balance as much as you can. Feel free to drop me a message if you want to join us too 🙂 Here are some photos of me trying Acro-Yoga for the first time;

Starting position
The starting position

Also can be done upside-down

I also really liked Dundee flower & food festival. Something I would highly recommend if you can make it next year. It was at the Camperdown park this year so you could either take a bus or personal transport. Luckily for me, I got a lift from my housemates and we had a perfect day with sun, beer and some burgers. With Scottish accent and smiling faces around, the festival had a wide range of local beer, cider, and food to try from. Most of them had samples you can try before buying so we ended up trying pretty much everything and had a mix of some delicious flavours in our mouth. Apart from that they had different types of flowers, some perfectly grown local vegetables and music stages. I will add a collage of the day so you can see how colourful it was:

Dundee Flower & Food Festival 2013
Dundee Flower & Food Festival 2013

It’s weekend and guess what I’m sitting in the library preparing for my field research trip for next week. Hope you guys have more exciting plans than me… have a great weekend! 🙂

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