Busy life in the University

Less positive thing about living in the suburbs is that I have to travel too much. Far too much. Especially if this suburb is in another city than Dundee. Getting up very early in order to catch a bus means that my hours spent with sleeping are restricted. To meet the self-study requirements for every module, it is inevitable to learn in the evening, as well as at night, which gives me no more than 5 hours for sleeping. Hence my sleepy state during the afternoon. 🙂 I decided to move in Dundee very soon, I successfully arranged a flat view fairly close to the University. Life is going to get easier and I am hoping that the flat (room) will be appropriate. Wish me luck, please! 🙂

Applications for courses starting next academic year, in 2014 can be made through UCAS. The deadline is very far away though, but it is essential to make a decision where to pursue the studies. I hope this blog with the fellow bloggers’ entries will help to give motivation for students applying to start their studies in the UK so that they can take this amazing University into account. I love the various range of activities, events that are being organized by the societies from day to day. It is impossible to get bored here. (That is why I would like to advise to live in Dundee, avoid traveling too much, otherwise you find yourself missing a lot of things). For instance, just to mention one, I signed up for the evening with the rector and am really looking forward to hear his speech…



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      • David Molnar

        Thanks so much James! I’m also glad that you wrote here because I found your blog that I find fabulous at first sight and I’m pretty sure that I will be reading your past and future posts. I will find something to learn from you. 🙂

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