The Enchanted Forest

  • 6 October 2013, 10:58

Wow.  Where have the past few weeks gone?!

I should begin by apologising for my absence.  My time has been filled with making full use of the Comics Studio – in and out of class.  It’s really great to have an environment where we can study for our course and bounce creative ideas off of one another.  I feel most of my year will be spent in there!

I have also recently had the ‘joy’ of getting my two lower wisdom teeth removed at the Dental Hospital on campus.  Being a huge coward when it comes to anything to do with blood and needles and general yuck, I wasn’t really looking forward to this experience.  However, the staff and students who helped me through the procedure were all very friendly and professional, and I’m glad to say I’m healing up nicely and look forward to being able to eat normal foods again – who’d’ve thought a diet of soup and ice cream would get boring in just a couple of days?!  So, while it may not be up there with my Top Things to do in Dundee this year, I am very grateful to finally be rid of those problematic pains at the back of my mouth!

It’s not just been study and surgery for me recently though!  This weekend I ventured to Pitlochry to explore the Enchanted Forest.  The Enchanted Forest is a yearly light and sound festival in the heart of Faskally Wood.  We boarded a bus in Pitlochry’s town centre at 8pm which took us to the lit up woodlands, and set off on our venture round the forest.  It was a really lovely experience – the atmosphere was perfect, and the lights and sounds worked magically together in the dark!  It really did feel like the forest was enchanted.



For anyone who may be interested in catching this opportunity the festival is on for the rest of the month, and will be running again next year.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who is keen on spending time outdoors!  (But remember to wrap up warm!)


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Kirsten is returning to Dundee after graduating from the University of Glasgow with an MA in English Literature and History. She’s now going to be working towards an MLitt in Comics Studies, enrolling in the only course in the UK which offers a true insight into the world of comics.

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