Excuse me for not blogging last week

Firstly, I would like to apologize for not writing any blog last week. I was going to send one just after the event with the Rector, but then I got occupied with writing a report which is part of the assessment, and I ended up spending my whole weekend with gathering information for the report, organizing it so basically, I was learning despite the fact that we had a lovely weekend, it was ideal for any outside activities, I think there will not be such a sunny weekend this year as this one was. It is not a surprise that I was occupied with learning though, but this time I was not capable of sparing time for blog-writing. So, I really am sorry for my absence.

Anyway, I am doing great these days, although I will not be able to move in Dundee, at least not this time. It looks like I have to postpone it. The lady was a bit unorganized so it was impossible to arrange the flat view. Never mind, I do not give up, I guess there are several more flats close to the Uni…

The evening with Brian Cox last Thursday was great, I felt very good there. It was a good one from the Enterprise Gym and it was the first Enterprise event I have been at. Not the last one that is for sure. I have never met him before so I enjoyed being there, listening to the story of his life – how did he begin, how did he cope with the hurdles during his career, how did he overcome his β€œdemons” as he told – and at the end we had the opportunity to have a chat with him and even shoot photos. However, I am not 100% sure that Mr. Brian enjoyed the photo-taking part of the evening as much as we did. πŸ˜€ There was a long queue of those who were waiting to take a joint photo with him.

I would recommend to everyone to go to the next event (if there will be another special Q&A event with our Rector), it is a pleasure to meet him. He is such a great, intellectual person. πŸ™‚ (I would share some photos with you, but my phone decided to stop working, unfortunately. My landlord lent me one of his phones as I have not bought a new one yet. I cannot transfer the photos from this phone to the notebook).

I do not know how the exams work in the other courses (I mean, I am not sure if the process of taking exams is identical), but I am relieved that they do not take place in one particular day. For me it is another thing which is extraordinary that there is a final exam for each module at the end of the semester which comprises of smaller assessments, rather than a long, tedious exam. Thus, the preparation is easier. Obviously, the main part is a written exam, yet it is still better. πŸ™‚

Next week is reading week, it is going to be nice to have a week off and have a little break…

P.S.: Good luck for those who nominated themselves in the DUSA elections! πŸ™‚


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