Reading Week Adventures

  • 18 October 2013, 07:11

Thank goodness for rail cards!

I’ve spent my Reading Week the only way I know how – doing anything but reading!

Last weekend I took a trip down to Glasgow to visit friends from my undergrad course and catch up on all the news and gossip from the central belt!  A lot of pizza and a night out later, I was heading back to Dundee for Monday-morning work – and to rest up for a week of adventure!

Some of my course mates and I decided the best way to spend reading week would be to travel, so we set off for a mini-holiday to Edinburgh.  We arrived on the drizzly Monday afternoon and set off to find our hostel just outside of the city centre.  I have been to Edinburgh before, but I rarely go as a tourist, so I was looking forward to this opportunity to explore further!  After a great dinner in a pub, sampling some local ales, I briefly left my friends to scoot across to Glasgow to see the Fossil Collective play King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut (a must-experience venue for music lovers!)

I woke early the next morning to catch the train back to Edinburgh and reunite with the others to continue our holiday.  I discovered I had missed out on one of the infamous Ghost Tours the night before – a blessing in disguise, I think, as I’m a bit of a coward when it comes to the supernatural and the power of suggestion!

Our Tuesday morning was spent at the National Art Gallery in the centre of Princes Street.  Although I have regularly visited Edinburgh, I had never been in the gallery – I’m glad I’ve finally been able to check it off of my list as there are some wonderful art pieces on display!  We then headed along to the National Museum of Scotland to check out their exhibits – I’ve been to the museum a few times now, and find it to be a lot of fun!  There’s so much to see – not to mention it’s free entry!

Being Comics Studies MLitt students, our afternoon was spent in Edinburgh’s comic shops, spending all of our money on new releases and essential merchandise.  I was delighted to get my hands on the latest issue of The Walking Dead, which is celebrating its ten year anniversary!  I am definitely ready for ‘All Out War’ – It’s going to be great!

We were up and at it again bright and early on Wednesday morning as we had booked a bus tour of the West Highlands which departed from the city centre at 8.30am!  A large coffee later and we were ready to go!

Our first stop was Doune Castle – the infamous castle where the majority of Monty Python and the Holy Grail was filmed.  Although it was a chilly morning, it was fun to walk around the site and quote one of the most legendary British comedy films of all time!


We also stopped at Kilchurn Castle and Inverary Castle, which were incredible to see.  It’s amazing how well some of these castles have survived in Scotland, particularly when you consider how old they are and how much they must have endured!

Inverary castle

Loch Awe and Loch Lomond were also stops on our tour, which were really great to see – we certainly managed to pack a lot of significant site-seeing into one day!  And we were particularly fortunate with the weather, as it stayed remarkably dry until we returned to Edinburgh that evening!

Thursday was our final day in Edinburgh – and what better way to round off than at Edinburgh castle?!  I hadn’t visited Edinburgh castle for a number of years, so it was fun to go and look around again.  We arrived just as the one o’clock cannon was being fired, and with the gunshot still ringing in our ears, we set off to explore the castle and its grounds.


Finally home time approached.  So we reluctantly headed back to the bus station, trying to stay as distanced from the thought of all the homework and reading as possible!  It was a really enjoyable trip, and great fun to be a tourist in your own country!  But now it’s time for us to return from our adventure and continue to read about them instead!

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Kirsten is returning to Dundee after graduating from the University of Glasgow with an MA in English Literature and History. She’s now going to be working towards an MLitt in Comics Studies, enrolling in the only course in the UK which offers a true insight into the world of comics.