Postponed plans

Well, it looks like the reading week nearly came to an end. I must say it seemed to be a very long and quite tedious week. Despite a week worth of free time I had, I have been home mostly. I had some good plans though, other than reading, but those went away at the very beginning of the week and stayed just plans… At least for now. One of the reasons out of two is that we have got a lot of rainy days up here, which left me no other opportunity than cycling nearby. Seriously, I could barely believe that the weather had to get this cold and wet immediately after the reading week started off.

I was going to visit the Rosslyn Chapel outside Edinburgh as well as to go to see Loch Ness in Inverness, I have been planning to do so since I am in Scotland. The latter one would have been a bit longer trip, initially my Landlord was going to take me to Inverness, but his neck and head got injured while playing curling with his friend last week, he slipped on the ice, so he has to wear a neck brace, thus he has been told to avoid driving too much. Fortunately, these places can wait, although I am not sure if I can wait too long to see the legendary Nessie. I might be the first one who actually takes photo of her/it and then share it with everyone via the blog. 😀

So, what was I doing during the last week, eventually? It is simple, I was learning. I submitted an essay yesterday as well as revised most of the lecture notes and topics that we have studied since September.

Anyway, I attended the first Supercoach event with Alan Laing entrepreneur, it was another pleasure to be there, these events are perfect for me with the lecturers uplifting and inspiring stories, I am a fond of these stories as I always seek for something that is motivating enough and can help with studies, work and other important aspects… 🙂


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