Reading Week

  • 26 October 2013, 09:50

I am aware that the reading week finished almost a week ago. Yet, here I am talking about reading week. There is an explanation behind this, I promise! Basically, I started this post some 10 days ago but never actually got a chance to finish it. I got a really nasty cold just before the reading week and I am actually still feeling unwell. That is one of the reasons why I didn’t post anything, the other reason being the fact I tried to stay inside as much as possible so I didn’t actually have anything to write about. I was planning a trip to Edinburgh, but that didn’t happen as it was raining the entire week and I didn’t want to get more ill.


I did make an exception on Tuesday though. The criminal trial was being held in Dundee so couple of friends and I went to see it, or at least a part of it. It was really interesting and it gave us a good insight into court procedure. I think every law student should do it at some point. I would like to do it again, though I am not sure if I want to see another criminal trial. I think I am too squeamish for that.


Apart from that my reading week was pretty boring, I stayed in bed and guess what, read! On a bright side I did manage to catch up with my reading and coursework. I think I should do it more often!

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