Facing study weeks and exams soon

The week after reading week back in the Uni was an intense one for me, even though I did not do any other things than studying, mostly. Unfortunately, I had to spend most of my time with studying and revising, and with doing research rather than going out. It looks like it will not even change until the middle of December. Considering how the weather is cooling down, it might not be a good idea to go out.

As the main exams are nearing quickly (they are starting off at the beginning of December),I am getting nervous, especially when I have a look at the past papers of accounting. Some of them are so hard to even comprehend it, not to mention that the time limit is going to be two hours for the whole paper. So, this is my priority these days, practising how to carve down what is definitely not two hours for me when I do it at home. At least not yet.

Besides this, there is the fact that accounting is just getting more and more complex. However, if I am right – I hope I am – we finished every topic of it for this semester, and from the next week onwards, we are going to revise the previous exam tasks. At least that can help a lot, if we will not study any new stuff.

Anyway, I am looking forward to see how I will cope with the final exams of this semester. It is definitely going to be different from what I got used to, the school leaving exams I took in Hungary. I bet the first one will be the most challenging…

Have a nice week ahead, and enjoy the Halloween. Actually, it is going to be my first one as it is not a common celebration in Hungary, only a very few people dressed up just for fun.

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