The German Magnet

This week started off with our first briefing for a field research trip in Pitlochry. A place I would highly recommend to everyone who’s interested in country side, hiking, walking, fishing, nature or if you’re into old towns. The last time I went there was to watch Highland games which was fun but this time it was more serious and we had two intense days of interviewing people and getting the insights. I can’t disclose much about our research but we as Service designers are looking for ways to improve local people’s lives and how can we get residents to communicate well within the community as well as trying to bridge the gap between young and old generation divide.


Did you guys have a good start to the week? Last week I went to watch Dundee university choir at St. Paul’s cathedral and also to the Royal Scottish national orchestra at Caird hall. Both were my first time experience and i’m happy to say that I enjoyed both. I discovered my taste for classical music a year ago when a friend of mine recommended me a classical album comprising of various famous artists and since then life has been different for me (in a good way obviously). And whilst I write this blog, I’m listening to Anoushka Shankar, one of my favourite Indian classical artists. It’s really soothing to come back home after a long tiring day (especially monday) and listen to her, try it! 🙂

It’s Diwali this weekend and I’m so much looking forward to it. For folks who are confused on what Diwali is, don’t worry my next post will be about it. But until then- It’s the most well known Hindu festival celebrated in India and amongst the Hindu communities all over the world, also known as ‘The festival of lights’. For the past three years since i’ve moved to UK, i’ve been celebrating Diwali by myself but this year I thought of having a Diwali dinner at my place and celebrate it properly with some close friends. And that’s where some serious concerns were raised by my housemate because almost half of my invitees are Germans and my housemate (Who is a German too) thinks I’m a German magnet because everywhere I go, I end up making German friends and also because I’m hanging out with them most of the time. I think there was a reason I’ve always been called “Hans”, ganz ehrlich?! 😀

That’s all from me now. I hope you all have a good week and Happy Halloween in advance! 🙂

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I am a Master's student at University of Dundee graduating in August 2014. I am originally from India and this is my first time in Scotland although I have lived in England for the past three years. I love Photography and I enjoy meeting people from different culture and background.

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