• 2 November 2013, 12:26

I have to apologize first. This post has nothing to do with academia, again, just my obsessive love for Halloween.  I mean what’s not to love? It’s like Christmas, minus the drunk relatives having the same argument year after year. I usually start planning my costume way ahead of time and get carried away in the process. Though, to be honest it is not that hard to go over the top with Halloween celebrations in Croatia. You see, Halloween is not that popular there. Being in Dundee for Halloween this year meant only one thing, I can go as crazy as I want to with my costume and still look sane, and I was right, I was not the craziest costume!


Seeing as for the past few years my costumes were Harry Potter themed I felt it was time for a change. This year I decided on Doctor Who. Initially I wanted to go as Tardis, but in the end I decided against it because I felt that walking around in a box all night might be a bit problematic. I still want to make Tardis costume one day, I just need to figure out a way to do it without any cardboard, wood or other heavy materials.


Instead I decided to go as a Weeping Angel. I have to say that I absolutely love Weeping Angels so I had a lot of fun with this costume, even though it included covering myself in face paint  head to toe and painting my hair grey. This year my costume was done very last minute. I did get the dress weeks ago, but everything else was put on hold the moment I got that nasty cold. Which, by the way, I still have! I pretty much bought everything else I needed last night. I am actually quite surprised how well it turned out. Though, if you’re planning on using a lot of face paint buy it early on, because it is nearly impossible to buy face paint in Dundee on the evening of 31st.


All in all it was a fun night, minus the slight panic attack I had around 2 am when some people washed off their face paint only to discover that it was not coming off completely. Basically, their skin was still tinted. Luckily mine did come off, which also means that next week I’ll have to make a proper post, instead of writing about experiences of sitting in lectures still grey from Halloween!

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