• 3 November 2013, 03:41

This past week and a bit, we have had to write essays. I say “essays” but they were only 500-750 words long.

This sounds like nothing, right? That’s what we thought! For a start, we had to do 5 of them, and each one needed at least 3 quotes from the specific books recommended by our tutor.

Still doesn’t sound like very much, and to be honest, it wasn’t terrible, we have definitely had tougher weeks! The books that we had to read, however were very dense. It seems that they had been written to prove that the author knew about long words rather than to inform the reader clearly. Ah, history!

Having finished with them, we had a new site visit! This time, we were to design for 2 sites in Dundee docks. Our project is a street of terraced housing. We are still working on the masterplan at the moment, but soon, we should get into the actual designing of each house (we get one each).

I’m looking forward to the change from doing projects that last 1 week each!

Our new site (to the right)!

Our new site (to the right)!



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