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  • 15 November 2013, 12:28

Once again I failed as a blogger, I think I am probably in the running for the title of the worst blogger by now. Past few weeks have been a bit hectic and I don’t mean fun hectic. I wasn’t being very sociable, in fact I barely left my room since Halloween. Partially that is down to all the assessments we had lately and my work schedule.


We had our moot assessment this week. Which was our last assessment before the final exams, I have to say I am grateful for that because now I can finally focus on the exams. As for the moot itself let’s just say that I will try my hardest to forget it ever happened, in fact I am pretty sure I did worse than I did the first time. I am not saying that the assessment was hard, in fact it was pretty easy, unfortunately for me though I am just not very good at that sort of thing. So my advice is: never listen to any advice I give you and if you must do the exact opposite.


So, final exams are just around the corner and if I am completely honest I still haven’t started preparing for them properly. Well, I did all the planning and scheduling, that’s what I’m good at, the problematic part is actually sticking to it. Overall I have a feeling that I had a very casual first semester and that I have a lot of catching up to do. On top of all that I will probably have to make a trip down to London and back on a day before my first exam.¬† Most of you probably don’t know but Croatia is having an absolutely pointless referendum asking for a constitutional definition of ¬†marriage. The absurdity of the whole referendum being that even if the referendum is passed and constitution is changed nothing will change, adding that provision to the constitution will not have an effect catholic groups are hoping to achieve. Having that in mind I really don’t feel like going to London and back just before my exam in order to vote, but at the same time I feel obliged to do it because I was actively involved in the anti-referendum campaign from day one. On a bright side I’ll have plenty of revision time on a train!

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