Preparing for the End of Term!

  • 30 November 2013, 11:02

At present, it is just under 13 days until the end of term! I have made a countdown (sad as I am) so I can keep checking up on both how long it is until the holidays as well as how long I have left to finish my project! See it here.
I actually make timers a lot. And lists, and notes… In fact, I was taking notes on my laptop of a documentary we were watching in a lecture, and my lecturer came up to me suspiciously to find out what I was doing! I’m sure he expected to see facebook or something up, with me in full swing convo about something completely unrelated to architecture. But no, I was just taking lots of notes. It’s not that I will necessarily ever read them again, but writing something down, or drawing it, helps me to take it in and retain the information, otherwise it washes over me a fair amount of the time.

Dove of Peace – Picasso

Anyway so I have done a lot of Christmas shopping already (which I am pretty proud of) and have wrapped everything I have so far!

I plan to finish my shopping in London and maybe Edinburgh if I’m desperate!

Pinterest sent an email out a while ago, asking for gift idea boards, which they would then go on to promote to others. So I did that. I wasn’t quite expecting what happened though! I have had an influx of people liking, commenting, repinning and following my boards and ideas, which is quite exciting.
I might even feel a little bit famous!

Here are the gift boards I submitted, and maybe they can help you with some gift ideas if you need any!

Gifts for Geeks
Gifts for an Architecture Student
Gifts for Koreaphiles
Gifts for Divas

Obviously, my favourite one is the architecture student one! But,  being a bit of a geek and a koreaphile and a diva, I like the others too!

Christmas in uni is meaning that we are sorting out secret santa presents for each other. I have already sorted the present! Though I obviously can’t say what I got on here in case anyone sees it. It was difficult though, as the person I got, I don’t know all that well and also isn’t particularly easy to buy for. The two people I asked for help, agreed with me on that one!
But it is done, and due to be exchanged on Thursday. We are also having a “Christmas jumper day” though as I don’t own any, or indeed intend to own any, I will probably just dress up Christmassey and wear a Santa hat or something.
My dance teacher of years ago, who was also a great friend and basically part of the family, used to dress up in her Christmas tree costume every year. I miss that. I wish I had the costume, to wear to the Christmas jumper day. Maybe, one day, I can make myself one.

Santa doggies!

Good luck to everyone with deadlines, exams etc. And with getting your Christmas gifts sorted!

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