Assessing the semester

As I got over two of my exams I happened to realize the huge difference between the expectations of the Grammar School I used to attend and the Uni…Not that there was not any during the past few months, but it is after these exams that I feel that there is something more that involved that much studying and reading that we were expected to do. For me, for a first year student who is also beginner at the Uni-life, these exams (although I still have on the next Monday) are a great experience that will show me what I will have to refine in the next semester. There are some things, like staying within the time allocated, which was a big problem for me, especially when it came to writing of essays, two essays. Organizing my thought into meaningful and structured essay was a bit tougher than it was when writing the home-assessments a few months back. Next semester’s fun stuff will be writing some essays as a way of practicing it. 😀

After having done with the exams all I am left with is hoping to get some good marks. I wish that to every student, to get the mark you want. 🙂

And, as the My first snow hailed me yesterday, I took some photos of how the grounds looked like today which I would like to share with you. I find it beautiful, and cannot wait to see more of these snow-covered landscapes during the holiday. Snow gives Scotland such a marvellous shade of beauty when covered with it. However, the fog shouldn’t stay for too long.




Anyway, new students have joined the student blog, just thought to say a big welcome to them. 🙂

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