The Hobbit!

  • 1 January 2014, 11:03

One of the highlights of my holiday so far has been going to see the Hobbit. I went to see it in HFR 3D at the Vue cinema at Westfield. This is also where I saw the first The Hobbit film! This is no coincidence; my boyfriend lives nearby (ish) and this is one of the select places where one is able to watch in high frame rate. Another good thing is that, being located in Westfield Shopping Centre means you can have a good amount of time to do some Christmas or food shopping or even have a meal before or after. This info is no good to you if you never intend to visit London! But if you do, and if you want to go shopping, or to see a film, I would recommend it!

Anyway, The Hobbit. It was excellent. I have loved all 3 LOTRs and the first Hobbit, so why would this not be just as awesome? Stephen Fry’s character was certainly enjoyable; playing to his comedic strengths as well as letting us see him in an entirely new light of being discomposed and foolish!

Stephen Fry as Master of Laketown

One of the more memorable scenes was the barrel scene. This was (a completely made up for the film) scene where orcs pursue the dwarves and Bilbo along the river as they escape from the elves. During this scene, the barrels are open for the passengers to be able to fight and the elves have noticed their escape and though they try to prevent it, they are more concentrated on fighting off the orcs, particularly Tauriel and Legolas (neither of whom feature in the book here, but who are indeed welcome additions).

There is a bit of a suggestion of romance between (the beautiful) Aidan Turner‘s character, Kili the Dwarf and Tauriel, which was quite sweet but pretty implausible and it was just so obvious that they wanted to include a badass woman elf and to have a love story for the best looking dwarf! It feel kind of ‘stuck on’ to the story, though I can’t deny that I enjoyed it!

I think the main thing that could have been improved is that there were no songs in this film! I was definitely disappointed that Bilbo didn’t sing to confuse the spiders. It seems like such a simple thing to keep in. I am really hoping that the extended edition will include that, after all, the extended editions of Lord of the Rings are really the only ones worth watching!

On to a positive thing. We got to hear Smaug speak! It was wonderful. Cumberbatch is truly very talented. With a voice reminiscent of Alan Rickman’s and with such a varied repertoire in his acting career so far, I wouldn’t be surprised if he does a lot more good work in his future.

Smaug’s eye!
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