3 weeks of freedom

Having 3 weeks of holiday and nowhere to go has been a rather unusual experience for me. During my working life I usually managed to squeeze as much travelling as possible out of my vacation allowance, meaning that I very rarely spent free time at home relaxing. Even when I left the office and moved to Dundee I worked until the very last day. So what did I do with my 3 weeks of freedom?

I visited The Netherlands, filled a suitcase full of flower bulbs and sang with my old choir at the Nicolaasbasiliek in Amsterdam…


… and then I came back to Dundee and slept a lot…


… before singing some more, this time at St Paul’s Cathedral in Dundee.

St Paul's Cathedral

I took a tour of Perth by vintage bus…

Vintage bus

… the family came to stay for Christmas and we had a day trip out to Arbroath…

Arbroath Harbour

… I shovelled pebbles, lugged compost and built 3 more vegetable beds….

Vegetable Beds

… went running in Dundee for the first time and took the bike out …


… and tried to stock up the freezer with food to keep me going during term time…


… sat in on a clinic at Ninewells and did some (not enough!) study…

Medical School

… read a lot …


… unpacked a few more boxes and slept some more!


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Natasha is from the UK, but has been working as a software developer in The Netherlands for the past 13 years. She's moving to Dundee on a permanent basis with her 3 cats, and is going to be studying Medicine.

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    4 Responses to “3 weeks of freedom”

    1. Hi Natasha,

      it’s this day of the year again: HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!
      How do you celebrate such a thing during your medical study ??

      Anyway, take care and enjoy your ‘New Year’.

      BTW, do you have an email address, because then I could have sent some ‘flowers’ 🙂

    2. Dear Natasha,

      Dunno whether this will reach you in Dundee, but just wanted to say: Happy Birthday !!!
      Hope you’re doing fine with your life, studies, running etc.
      Take care, een hele fijn everjaardag,

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