Plunge into studies

This semester’s modules will be filled with mathematics and analysis, which means that I will finally learn properly (hopefully) these higher mathematic equations and quartiles that we need for the modules. Seriously, it’s just amazing how much we can learn just with attending some lectures, and then making more effort at home to learn what we’ve done on the lectures. I sometimes just realize how awesome it can be to learn new things. Just over the first two weeks I met a lot of notions and concepts relating to math of which I used to think that I will not be able to solve and see what is behind them, but here I’m getting closer to higher and higher degrees of math. Lot of practice is necessary. 🙂

Unfortunately, time did not get any slower for the second semester. Every hour and minute counts, and will need to take advantage of them to work out the best of the exams. 🙂 Probably it is the time that will make Dundee’s Olympia razed very soon. I’ve got a picture of it, it looks ok on this one, but we will never see it in this condition, unless having a look at older photos. 🙂


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