Clearly, there are several (actually that several is countless) different cultures making this world and the people living in it so diverse. One of this – well known – culture that I would like to mention is the Chinese. On the 31st of January, that is today, the year of the Snake, China’s previous year will be finished, in fact it is already finished according to their time zone, and the year of Horse starts off, bringing thousands, hundred thousands of people together in order to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Unfortunately, I cannot be there at this time to send you photos of the world’s largest and most popular national celebration, but I think it’s something worth writing about. A course mate of mine told me yesterday that they celebrate “this year’s new year” on the 31st, that’s why I made a little research into this. I found fresh news about it on the BBC, with colorful dragon masquerades, penguins dressed up in red clothes (I’m not sure why penguin) and a lot of cartoon animal-like balloons…

For me, it is such an interesting thing to find that there are 1,3 billion people on this planet, who are the very same people as us, as everyone else, yet their course of life, their pattern of living, their everyday life follows a discrepant calendar… 🙂

Happy New Year to you too people of China! 🙂

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