New start

Due to the strike held by lecturers on the campus, for me this week was shorter by one lecture, unfortunately. The Universities, (not just our Uni) and their lecturers have reached an impasse recently and are seeking for an agreement as to rise wages. Although I cannot tell too much about Thursday’s strike as I was not there and did not see anything of it, but I am one of those who is hoping that they will find a proper settlement and that It will not affect our lectures any further…

Rosiland fellow blogger’s flat-searching topic is just actual for me. The time that is spent with commuting is just getting so frustrating and exhausting every day I have to get for that long ride. Thus I became one of those people, students who have been looking for a room to live in for the next academic year. At this time of the year, there is no such a big range of flats/rooms for offer as there were last summer, but there are still some good deals and cozy flats out there, just need to find the right one. And by the right one, I really mean that you should make sure that you move to the place that you completely feel ok with and think that you will feel good there. Think it through as many times as needed, don’t settle at the first place that is the cheapest one. Quoting one of the two favorite intellectual of mine Steve Jobs, “as with all matters of the heart, you will know it when you find it.” I do hope that those looking for new place, new start for their Academic year will find what they need soon. 🙂

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