…a lot. That’s one thing I’m going to do for a whole week. Our reading week is on its way and will say hello next Monday and will keep saying that for a week. This is an another excellent thing about this Uni. Most of the courses are so organized that they allow you to do some revision precisely at the half of the term. This will be handy for me as I have worked a lot recently and thus did not manage to study as much as I planned to. It’s not bad anyway, but there are some vague thing about the new studies. Thank you for the reading week Dundee Uni. 😀

What else is coming up? I’m glad you asked. Luckily, the Volunteer Fair will fall for the next, next Wednesday more precisely. Although I’m short on time, but I will try to get some volunteer job. I’m keen to do that since I’m here but I have not had a chance as I had to find a job and studies etc. but I would like to squeeze some volunteering in to my time. We will see, how it goes.

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