Getting organized. Already.

Deadlines. Assessments. Exams. Deadlines. Leisure. Time.

I think, for most of the students of Universities, these are the pivotal point as processing through their/our studies irrespective of which year we are in. For some, who are more experienced, finding the proper balance among these things in order to enjoy life and succeed well at the Uni is a simpler task than for others. I am certainly not one of those students, at least not yet (if I’m ever going to be, anyway). I needed one exam term to realize that I have to be as organized as possible, regarding the time allocated to studies, to relaxation and to work (although, due to the latter one it is more difficult to squeeze every other things into my time, but the need for being more effective and taking advantage of the time I’m left with makes me more ambitious and hopefully that will help).

There is no definition of being organized so I don’t think I could tell how to do it precisely. Start your things right in time. I’m not suggesting to begin to write an essay exactly 3 weeks before the deadline. Start it when you feel it right, but make sure you will get to the end of it in time. It has worked me so far, we have got an essay to submit at the end of March, and given that the topic is the Scottish Independence, I already had to do some research on it (one more thing about essays, do not use the internet as your only source, believe, it will not push your mark up).

So, do it as comfortably as you can. Your instincts will tell you when this happens and that’s when you (at least I) can proceed well.

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