Rotary Club

This week’s been a bit longer, at least it felt longer and sluggish for me. As usual, there’s been work, lot of studies, lectures and thanks to the University and Claverhouse Rotary Club, I and 29 other international students had the opportunity to meet each other and meet those organized the Games Night (for those who might not know what Rotary Club is, it is a big, widespread and global charitable group of people with international links to other groups. They try to fight hard against some of today’s caustic problems, such as poverty etc. by organizing events in order to raise funds that will be donated to those in need). I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the event held on Wednesday. That few hours was sufficient to meet and get to know a lot of new people. It was exciting to see all those other University students (none of whom I have seen before) who arrive from different parts of the world, like Georgia, Nigeria, China, Austria, USA, Canada etc. so a mixed range of international students. The event was topped with the inevitable Scottish humor and traditional Scottish games, my favorite was the mini golf, I will definitely try the real one as well. The night was perfect, too bad it’s held only once a year. It is worth going to the next event, so I can only encourage students to do so. 🙂

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