Close to an end

It’s this time of the semester that feels the busiest so far, when I have my coursework, assessments and exams which are coming up very soon. Although this semester will be a bit shorter than the first one – or I just simply feel it quicker – as I will finish in 2 weeks with the majority of my lectures and economics module will be lectured during the week afterwards, and then that’s it for the University for the first YEAR, we will get that long, summer, with hopefully less rain and some sunshine. I’ve got a lot of plans for the summer, from visiting family and travelling abroad, to starting over my exercise I’ve been neglecting since the beginning of the semester… Have you got yours?

Of course, it’s too early to dream about and imagine those activities, as long as we are not done with the exams. The timetable for this exam term has been uploaded, so everyone can get prepared on time. My first one will be on the 25th of April, quite a wee while to go…

This time again, thanks to the University, I’ve got another opportunity to meet a different group of Rotary business men – namely the Dundee Rotary Club –   who invited students from the Uni for over a lunch at the Invercarse hotel. The event is in two week time, and I’m looking forward to have fun with them again. I will post a blog about that as well. 🙂

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