Rotary 2

Rotary Club of Dundee has been so kind to the University that they invited a few international students over their annual lunch for international students and friends to give them/us a view about the Rotarians’ job and about this particular Dundee Rotary Club’s work worlide. Thanks to the University’s International Service division, I had the opportunity to be there and meet a different yet brilliant group of Rotarians. This small event was held in the Invercarse hotel on the Perth Road, quite close to the Uni. Both the hotel and lunch was marvelous, although did not last too long, took as long as an hour. We were lucky enough to join the company of these Rotarians, most of whom have been a member of the club for more than 10-15 years, so they had stories to tell, from raising funds and buy clear water, “shelter box” (which is basically a tent with all the essentials necessary for a family to live for 6months) to the fund raising for those who were suffered in storms in Shri Lanka. It was a fancy event with a presidential speech, no wonder why it was organized in that hotel. I had fun this time as well as in the first meeting with Claverhouse Rotary Club, with all the Scottish humor and jokes… 🙂

This is the only picture I caught during the event, thought to upload it…IMG_0217

Good luck everyone with all your assessments, course works and exams, there is no much to go…

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