Back for a short writing

I thought I would just drop some line as I missed a few weeks out on blogging. I’ve been a bit busy lately, doing studies and revision, working etc. and have not got too much time to spend with the blog. My first exam is coming up in two and a half hours, so I’ve taken advantage of this little spare time I’m having right before Economics exam to try to write down in nutshell what happened in my last few weeks.

Studies pretty much, of course… As I said in a blog I posted just after the first semester’s exams, I would try to get some better grades than I did back then. So far I’ve been focusing on my modules, and now I just can’t wait (like the majority of students) to get over all the finals and have some time off studies and books and these kind of things.

Besides these, there has been my work as well. My colleague organized a night-out, called “Killi Ceilidh”, which is a type of Scottish dance (for those who don’t know), and as it was normal, me as a non-Scottish had no idea whatsoever how that dance looked like, or what that was anyway. Luckily I had nice assistance with me and spent a funny Scottish nice with a bunch of people, with me being the only one new to this kind of dance (I mean, I was new, now I at least now how one should dance). Of course, when there is dance, there is alcohol, as it should be, and where there is alcohol, there are drunk people. Happened… 🙂 I almost forgot to mention the kilt, which was worn by those who were kind of experts of Ceilidh.

Anyway, I can’t promise I will be here the next week, will still have some exams beyond today’s and a removal is also upon me, so I will see how I can manage my time.

Good luck everyone to the exams, hope they will be successful ones to everyone!

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