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With the new module running and final thesis handed out- on which I’ll be working on for the next 6-7 months, all the students are suggested to set-up a personal blog which could be used as a portfolio. The idea is to reflect on things you experience everyday or just a record of your work timeline. Anyone else reading this uses a blog as a part of their portfolio? It sounds pretty cool to me and is more personal for anyone to visit and know your thinking process or style of working.

Recently, I have been to Loch Ness organised by the university for a day. The university usually organises free one day tours for Dundee University students, so do watch out for these throughout the year from student services. We were really lucky because a day before it was 29mph wind and rain but the day of our travel was snow and sunshine, so you can imagine how the highlands looked like- Spectacular! The only bad thing about this trip or any trip that has serpentine roads is that I get motion sickness. It was awful because all my friends were enjoying the beautiful Scottish landscapes outside and I was concentrating on the road and the driver! It was a good opportunity to have a glimpse of the highlands but I would like to go back again but only with a car that I am driving this time so that I can stop anywhere I want and definitely not a day trip to make the most out of the Scottish culture.

This year has been very busy already and will be busy throughout or at least until I’m at Dundee University. Firstly because of the course work load and second because me and some of the people I know have launched a new society at the University! It is called Creative Cooking Society and I will be the Vice-President for the year 2013-2014! The society was registered in November ’13 and we have been planning to launch it in the same month but because we could not get funding on time, we postponed it to March ’14.

We also had a fund raising bake sale outside the library a few days before the launch event.

According to our Facebook Launch Event, we were expecting approximately 40 people and we think, more or less the same number showed up. We had been working really hard to make the event entertaining, different and creative. It was a challenge to come up with some innovative and experimental recipes for the launch but when we finally did, this is what we served;

Beetroot Hummus with Cummin
Curry Soup with Carrots and Oranges
Gazpacho Andaluz with Pepper and Cucumber
Halwa with Coconut
Taj Sushi
Tomato Spread with Onions and Garlic
Vegan Cake with Coffee and Banana

You can get the full recipes from here.

The launch event took place at the University Chaplaincy and had a welcome presentation, registration for new members, few food games, prize giving and then food was served. Overall, we had a good response and interest from people and we were very happy about the launch plus we had 25+ new members. I will add some pictures below so that all the readers can have an idea of the event. You can become a member too by contacting us here.

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I am a Master's student at University of Dundee graduating in August 2014. I am originally from India and this is my first time in Scotland although I have lived in England for the past three years. I love Photography and I enjoy meeting people from different culture and background.

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